Micro-blog commercial forward price tag artificial Hot Blog monthly income of hundreds of thousands

as an increasingly popular social tools, micro-blog has played a role in many areas, is becoming a new network communication platform. But reporters found that there are many "artificial Hot Blog" phenomenon, behind which there is an invisible special promoter, they group operation, to charge forward formation of micro-blog "commercial" operation, during the chaos disturbance, this phenomenon must be concerned, establish a good environment to order micro-blog.

fans are becoming commodities

as the moment is popular micro-blog, many users may not have thought, and now fans turned out to be a kind of goods are forwarded charges. Behind it, there is an invisible hand behind the scenes will gradually private packaging into the name Bo, cattle bo". These public relations companies are growing, they put their eyes on the micro-blog, which apparently became a tool for their interests.

reporter saw such posting information on more than one network, "seller" forwarded a micro-blog charges different from a few dollars to several hundred dollars; to increase the "fans" of "price" in each forwarding between thousands of fans fee is 30 yuan to 50 yuan. The reporter observed, at present this kind of "wind", a lot of business with micro-blog who will receive this advertised".

and the price gap, a "public relations", the blogger told reporters, "in fact, fees and no fixed price, mainly to see what kind of content." When a reporter asked about the details, he was ignored, and said something inconvenient to disclose, it is a trade secret."

so, how to look at the user, said a micro-blog blogger, as micro-blog control I am disgusted with those who are advertising micro-blog bloggers. As with 7000 fans I have received the business of private letter, said what forwarded a micro-blog 5 dollars for the like, I feel very foolish. In my mind, micro-blog is a personal private space, not a business deal.

but there are friends that will appear micro-blog commercial, may be a lot of people do not think of things, perhaps some people are "micro-blog economy", the manipulator behind the scenes on people’s psychology and micro-blog outlook, the private space into a transaction.

reporter interviewed a buy "fans" micro-blog, he said, from the network to see such a "sale", feel very strange, is holding a playful attitude to buy "2000 fans" to increase micro-blog’s popularity, "I spent 90 yuan, but I did not what special purpose." He also said that in the presence of such a crowd of people in the presence of such a demand, that is, they want to have more attention, more fans, the greater the influence of the. "Want to become famous, want to get the attention of others, is the modern young people’s general psychological appeal."


price tag


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