f the site does not make money on what makes him loss

we all know that many websites are not able to make money online, some websites are unable to make ends meet in the early stage, some sites will need a very long time to turn a profit. No matter what kind of situation, the most fundamental purpose of the site is to make money. If the site does not make money, can not feed themselves, then in the course of the operation of the site, we need to according to the actual situation, analysis of their website.

, a clear positioning: market segments, segments of the population, is the first step in the site to make money

1, analysis of the location of our site is how to clear it is the industry or local station station belongs to which areas, games, education, automotive or IT?

2, according to the location of the site, to determine the target audience who is a man or a woman or a young man, a student or a white-collar?

3, what do they need? Do they need to be healthy or do they need beauty? Is it necessary to learn English or


4, where are these people usually appear in the forum, community or QQ group, or on the site which is a plate of people gathered more


5, we provide products or services is unique, or what is the difference, we rely on to attract them? Our website needs flow to how to profit? Our profit model is not as simple as possible


6, the website is not as the purchasing power of this word? To sell products, especially Taobao is very important, the keyword of the website and try not to be "Cleansing Cream how to use", "cream what is the role of" the weak purchasing power of words.

two, enhance the profitability of the site: let the site to make money, more important than anything else alive

1, improve the conversion rate: do a good job of the user experience, enhance the credibility of the site, such as the site’s visual design, process design, functional design, the site for the record, the integrity of the third party certification.

2, do a good job of SEO: website content, structure, internal and external optimization, focus on the use of long tail keywords.

3, into a variety of profit model: multi profit model site diversity, into a variety of profit model in their own website can improve the income of the site, such as local websites can engage local website, group purchase; a new snapshot can sell connection; website construction, can make some templates to sell bababian studio is this.

three, increase website promotion efforts: know more people, the website can make money

is now a product, a keyword has dozens or even hundreds of people do, the degree of competition can be imagined. If we can not keep up with the promotion of the market and the target population will be split up by other sites.

1, website promotion methods include soft Wen promotion, BBS promotion, question and answer promotion, blog promotion, ebook promotion, QQ group promotion, >

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