Expose 5 common Wangzhuan scam

in any field are not quiet, Wangzhuan too, is filled with all kinds of deception, today the Chinese net Wangzhuan to introduce 5 common scam Wangzhuan:

, "part-time typist, earn * * yuan": as long as typing, you can make money, so should these advertisers to do such China finance minister, will not have the poor. Deception is often asked whether you need to give you a deposit, the general users to be safe to avoid, certainly hope that people first deposit to call us, then fooled, they will give you a call transfer, allows you to enter your bank card number and password, so your bank card money is transferred to the people’s account, and they disappeared, no matter how you contact him, but he could not find it.

two, "earn * * yuan, free Wangzhuan training: advertisers claim, to learn, to see results, after paying, oh, well, too tempting. Deception: often you learn for a while, then they will tell you that you need a website to earn advertising fees, they can provide you with a website program, the price is very low. So we pay to buy, but buy that money is really hard, and then contact them, no longer used, because they have been denied. And this web site program, may be able to download from the Internet free website templates.

three, "added * * business alliance, become a member of": you need to pay to join the organization, the name of a website to you, let you through this web site to make money, is the general shopping site, the most important thing is to introduce others to join, can give you a commission. Deception: do you have this website, really make money? No! How do you make money? They will tell you a lot of the members earn capitation fee! This is worthy of the name of network marketing! Really earn money, you pull the head earned, and not through the operation of network station. And give your site, just a cover. This deception has a strong concealment, many people have been fooled. Once the contact net Wangzhuan customer service, cooperative operation requirements of this project, promotion is in the Wangzhuan online, our customer service refused


four, black color. State law expressly prohibits the sale of lottery tickets online. Black people play, mostly only a few people make money, that is, we often say that the top of the Pyramid people make money!

five, do the task to make money. In accordance with the requirements of the site, let you finish the task, often ask you to sign up for those ads, the result is, through you registered advertising, the site owner to make money, and you have nothing.

The higher

is indeed so someone is uneven in quality, and cast doubt on the Wangzhuan, think Wangzhuan is a lie. The Chinese want to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan network can tell friends here, first congratulations, Wangzhuan is a sunrise industry, has a better tomorrow! Find some good Wangzhuan, really can make money! You can.

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