What’s wrong with you, Ali

this month before the exchange of the dollar earned in Google (advertising), just to subsidize the cost of living, I feel really good. So began to adjust the site, mainly to increase the Google ad. Because it is necessary to repeatedly test, it is inevitable to refresh a few pages. It is found in the website yesterday afternoon, Ali Mama advertising have become apple (up). Open the mailbox to see, there was a letter titled "(important) note that Ali mother to temporarily freeze your website advertising revenue!" the letter, but the content is garbled.

problem is very serious, and then into my Ali mother – advertising management, the results found that "please note that your site 9123 web site has been banned by clicking on advertising." Very eye-catching! At the beginning of the year also encountered similar problems, but did not freeze income. After repeated instructions and applications, and finally returned to normal after more than a month. Because this letter cannot see the specific content, had to go to the community’s mother asked how to post customer complaints? Customer service replies: if in doubt, you can log in Ali mother account, "my mom" – "the main site" – at the corresponding site behind, click "apply down" fill in the complaint submitted we, relevant staff will conduct audits.

this way is indeed very convenient, but the reason for yesterday’s complaint submitted to this evening has not yet answered. Click again for releasing, immediately "prompted: hello dear customer: you have submitted the application, please do not submit. Your application will be processed as soon as possible, the results will be automatically sent to your mailbox, please note. Thank you! "I think this is because of the sensitivity of the system misjudgment, continue to wait. In the meantime, Google advertising to replace the home really unsightly apple and bold. Because I see my post, a website owner to find me on the QQ, on this situation expressed frustration and understanding.

return to Ali mother community, there are so many similar posts: apply for click billing advertising, pay per click, apply for strong honesty click billing request to open access!! all that apple! Look uncomfortable, can not let the advertising so wasted!! I hope my mother can understand my mood!…. Of course, abusive posts. In fact, radical approach is not desirable, Friendliness is conducive to business success.. A few days ago, the advertising alliance also came over, I replied that they have put Ali mother and Google advertising, temporarily do not consider cooperation.

actually, before too many advertising losses, they often buckle even deadbeat. Ali mother seems not to buckle the amount, but often buckle hat is a bit too much to stand.

thanks for your attention! 123 on the Internet so simple! Http://s.9123.cc

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