Network to make money all Raiders

due to the recent half more access to the Internet, and also a teacher learn to engage in network related knowledge, through their own experience and observation, found that if good use of Internet, we can get a lot of things on the Internet, also earn appropriate rmb. Here are some of the ways I’ve come up with money online.

if there is no good way to mention, welcome to add!

: a web editor, help forum posting replies. This is a relatively easy and free to make money, if you can find a job, a month to earn a sanwubo right as a part-time Why not?. I’m doing this right now, I feel great!

two: Internet writer, if writing can be compared, then good at creation, find a job, in my writing ability is a kind of improvement, but also can earn a lot of money income. The general literature website or forum in need of such writers


three: flash, Photoshop, the Internet was the case of special effects and pictures, if this technology is the master, you can make like QQ that look cute, fun things, the Internet was also purchased; professional flash production is also very popular with the majority of users are welcome to


four: video editing, there are a lot of engraving DV, can put the video post production, this technology is not difficult, and there is also the


five: online shop, and now free websites and forums are everywhere, such as Taobao shop, buy no shops are not charged, you can open a shop on the Internet, selling things, you can also help others to do agents!

six: a web site, you can use the free online resources to understand and try (it is best to buy a domain name, and useful, and then later) when developed to a certain extent to buy a bigger space, make a point to the website, through their own promotion and maintenance as long as, well done, can be profitable, of course, this is not a simple thing! If the profit mode is good, have commercial value, it can still be a try


seven: do gunmen, help people to write undergraduate thesis, master’s thesis, this is no experience is very difficult to do!

eight: play online games, selling equipment, professional gamers are so living, but not recommended! After all, we all know the harm!

nine: buy a website that can run directly in, and then go to the business to make money, or buy a few good site procedures, reselling, furthermore, cybersquatting, then auction


ten: foreigners earn money, if you can read English for at least some abroad forum to help foreigners to do the task, there are several forums every day many members issued the task, there are relatively well-known www.blackhatworl>.

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