Entrepreneur how do you get your first 1 million users

Geer has worked in dozens of start-up companies as a consultant, he believes that a good product can keep users, not only to attract users. Find the right target users, and then stood on top of the flow of information on virus type promotion is feasible way.

Geer has worked in dozens of start-up companies as a consultant or co-founder, he is also in an industry knowledge sharing company as a senior lecturer in entrepreneurship, he was willing to share their experience in the business enterprise. Here’s his business sharing.

reached the first million users, social networking platform Twitter for 24 months, the visual picture sharing site Pinterest for 20 months, geographical sign in application of Foursquare for 13 months, the social media Facebook for 10 months, the network file sharing tool Dropbox for 7 months, the mobile photo sharing application Instagram for 2 and a half months, while the Path 2 only 2 weeks to reach 1 million downloads.


so, how did you get 1000000th users? Geer, a serial entrepreneur, shared his experience with Michael.

do you think a good product will attract users? Whether the media reports also believe that the most able to attract users? Geer first question these two points, he mentioned that a good product can keep (retain) users, rather than attract users (attract). That is to say, it is a good product, do not have the opportunity to let people know, how to attract? Furthermore, public relations and media reports, can attract the audience (audience), instead of the user (users), but this is not the real purpose of the product. The right to find the target user, then stood on top of the flow of information on virus type promotion is feasible way.

originally believed, but there is no practical way:

1, the purchase of user data: he had to spend money to buy a bunch of user information, email address, usually these users to buy quality are very low, and it is not your target users, you cannot expect them to receive your mail will click register.

2, on various blogs, forums, social networking message board to leave the company’s entrepreneurial information: unless you have a free intern, or this is a waste of time.

3, accept all early user recommendations: user feedback and advice is certainly important, but Tastes differ all tastes. each of the products and services, has its own reward and belittle. But entrepreneurs have to maintain their own strategy and direction.

4, the coolest website, the coolest video: Yes, this is a very important part of the corporate image, and sometimes it may not be able to bring the best results, this is not a The Voice of China jiaduobao advertising support can.

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