App online education venture bubble emerging, return to the essence of individualized education is t


K12 field is in the continuous influx of capital burn tide, a bubble is emerging, in this market environment, to survive should go to the center of the platform, the platform can be resources technology and platform combining online and offline education, online education essence closed-loop drive return to humane education.


online education hot trend is difficult to block. According to the relevant statistics of third parties, only in 2014, there are 600 online education entrepreneurship projects underway. The concept of online education also touted online education market is also showing the capital hot.

at the same time, similar to ask homework, learning treasure, ape exam, cube lattice, easy exam and other online education App such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, according to App Store data, App education has more than 70 thousand at the end of 2014, after the game applications, occupy the application type ranking list second. The proportion is more than 10%. But this kind of software can really subvert the traditional education model, personalized education to achieve it?

education APP rapid growth, highlighting the capital impetuous, profit model into a problem

relatively speaking, online education software has its own advantages relative to traditional education. For example, enrich the content questions, have the knowledge framework and standard complete syllabus system editing template, presentation of content can be structured, transform diverse content presentation, including text, pictures, sound and video, allowing users to quickly complete the intuitive knowledge, UCG precipitation mechanism. The biggest advantage of online education is to break the traditional education of regional differences and information asymmetry.

education APP rapid growth behind, highlighting the capital and industry impetuous. Impetuous behind, of course, is also a huge market potential. According to the relevant data show that domestic students have nearly 100 million people, relevant supplementary publications and training the market value of 300 billion yuan, is a huge potential market demand, but the new game player in the online education market is on the rise, the wolf little more meat, there must be a killer. Therefore, the current free education has begun to become a very clever card. The software platform for free exercise for recruitment to attract more students, to snatch market share.

but the question is, after the free strategy to grab the market profit model has become a problem? You know, the education of the Mu class covers almost all American universities have almost no profit, the industry believes that can be combined with the press, the formation of new business ecosystem to profit. But this profit model is based more on imagination than reality.

online education APP is more one-way mechanical indoctrination, not equal to personalized education

in addition, we see that the current market in the education of learning APP, more just for autonomous learners, students according to their own rhythm to learn, such as the extension of the word, ape exam, learn tyrants, etc.

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