Love Shanghai webmaster chain perspective analysis tool


love Shanghai outside the chain of the adjustment of the algorithm is as follows:

1, link name accurate positioning

love Shanghai webmaster tools, on the site outside the chain is analyzed, it is not difficult to find love in Shanghai recently made an adjustment, especially the link name more and more accurate positioning, accurate positioning link name shows the anchor text effect is huge, can not be ignored. Through the platform, the number of anchor text and competitor contrast can effectively analyze and grasp the process of optimization measure, be just perfect, not easy to cause excessive optimization.

foreign chain through further analysis, we find that compared weight effect chain platform, of course, a show platform and the effect of the weight, need to consider the correlation and the number of users, can obtain the vote is the key. The construction of the chain is not only to get traffic through the third party platform, is to be able to shape the corporate brand (individual). Therefore, choose a suitable chain platform is important, can not be ignored the late show effect and bring value.


3, link to the page ranking effect

By viewing the

love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain analysis of the adjustment period is approximately 7 days, but the data have a certain lag, which often causes our impetuous mood, so that the construction of the chain of recent no effect, likely is the construction of the chain method is not correct, give up by another kind of thinking. This will not be able to persevere, cannot show the effect. Another is the construction of the chain effect is not good, increase the intensity caused by excessive optimization, site traffic decreased. Therefore, calm, patience is as a combination of.

? Comparison of

4, the chain adjustment cycle is 7 days

2, weight

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment is the adjustment of the algorithm has striking one snag after another, more or less influence on site traffic, and can more quickly master the algorithm to adjust the direction equal to grasp the market opportunities. Love Shanghai algorithm adjustment varied, there are tens of thousands of details of the algorithm, we won’t be able to completely grasp the reasonable. But for some larger marketing methods, we have to observe, study and practice, especially the chain adjustment algorithm. What are the recent love adjustment of Shanghai chain algorithm on

keyword ranking is often in a separate page were determined by the number of weights and the chain link platform, therefore in the long tail keywords in the optimization process, we must fully grasp the competitive strength, to avoid excessive optimization. In this process, through the chain analysis, by means of effective comparative data, by comparing the data of the appropriate percentage, achieve high efficiency to complete the whole process of optimization, rational use of resources, reduce the cost of manpower.

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