Note the Shanghai weekly updates of love

, love Shanghai before the update to fresh content

the last two years as everyone knows love Shanghai crazy attack outside the chain, if you are still a serious crime against the wind made the taboo love Shanghai, for the new station outside the chain of care is fine, for the garbage outside the chain of love Shanghai hit especially for no weight of new sites, if your site just on the line soon, to feel the spider too much, use a large number of the chain attract spider and ignore the content of the website itself is easy to cause the drop right. So in a week on Wednesday, before the four best to reduce the release of the chain, which is especially important for two days a week, more can increase the number of website content, improve the quality of web site.

is a blog site, in order to improve the website weight of each article are original, but often stop in the snapshot, only in the love of Shanghai every Thursday after the update, Friday will release the latest snapshot, so the author thinks that grasp the update time love Shanghai, love Shanghai best before update your website will be updated, prior to the search engine more care about your day if there are new content.

update The

love the search engine in Shanghai every week and every month there is a fixed time update, as a professional Shanghai dragon Er is must know the love of Shanghai search engine some small changes, so you can let the webmaster do perfect preparation in the storm came before the site was to reduce risk of K stand or fall right, how should the specific operation? Please listen carefully to the author:

after love Shanghai update generally will update the database at the same time, enhance the snapshot time, improve the collection and so on, but also after the update a snapshot has stopped updating even backwards, this is because the random chain, resulting in conditions of low frequency update station, this time should be how to solve? I suggest that you use the most simple method, is to attract spiders, using high quality content, and then released every day several high quality outside the chain, will soon be able to restore the snapshot.

four, every Tuesday and three check chain

chain is a very important thing, the other site is K station, right down, snapshot stop, reduce included a series of circumstances will because chain transfer weights affect your website, this is implicated in the love Shanghai algorithm, every Tuesday and Wednesday to check the chain is a kind of daily tasks carefully to check each other’s friends of the chain, avoid these situations.

two, to reduce the chain before the


three, updated to stop or reverse

is king!< >

finally, I remind you that the website optimization should pay attention to any details on Shanghai in 2013 and 2014, the love of the user experience enhancement, to meet the needs of users as the target can meet to love Shanghai search engine, for security reasons, we recommend that you do not use any cheating, use the regular white hat Shanghai dragon only


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