Bi Sheng re Entrepreneurship the need for each category in the mall millet

tiger sniffing note: Bi Sheng millet model believers, with their latest venture project, the necessary mall to practice his respect for millet model. It is necessary, how to apply the traditional glasses industry into low-cost deep water? It can go far? This article reprinted from the twenty-first Century economic report, the original title is "Bi Sheng business again:" necessary "what can low cost customized consumption", the tiger sniffing slightly abridged.

distance to confirm the sale of music Amoy 15 months later, Bi Sheng in July 30th with its new business projects necessary mall officially returned.

Bi Sheng believes that the promotion of C2M (Customer-to- Manufactory, suitable for the customer to the factory) landing time node development mode has come, manufacturing a traditional mass production in seeking to upgrade, and the Internet itself also further more subtle transformation of the industry.

through the cost pricing, to give manufacturers nearly 20 yuan per single commodity profits, necessary to play the role of a manufacturer can ensure stable profit in each, on the other hand, to provide high quality products for consumers. But this transformation is not as easy as imagined.

eliminate inventory?

for potential partners, Bi Sheng in the earliest stages of the four requirements, one is the top two manufacturers, is necessary to follow the pricing strategy, and the three is the best designers, four is to have a flexible manufacturing chain. But in the end, it was found that it was impossible to find a partner, and the last point was especially hard to meet.

Bi Sheng believes that the future of the retail business will be "through the data to drive manufacturing", embodies the view in the mall mode is necessary, the user first orders, purchase quantity according to the demand of the factory to provide the necessary mall production, Bi Sheng believes that the biggest advantage is to model the elimination of inventory". According to the data provided by the mall official website, the production cycle of glasses in 15 days or so, the footwear production cycle in about 20 days.

the current model, the need to take away 7% of the mall into marketing." Therefore, in the total profit of 20 yuan per piece of goods, manufacturers accounted for the vast majority of the share.

Bi Sheng believes that the development of flexible manufacturing chain will be an important trend in the future. It hopes to establish a platform to replace the traditional retail model, from the factory to the user’s hand to the factory all the links. The necessary and the division of labor is also very clear: it is necessary to deal directly with the user, and the production and design of products are dominated by the factory.

questioned: the luxury price dropped to three digits, who will pay for it? What is necessary for potential user groups, Bi Sheng did not give an accurate answer, but Bi Sheng can not help but ask: who doesn’t love the high cost of goods


millet transformation

from the king of the price to the release of the top version of the glasses, will

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