On site optimization of HTC caused by layoffs

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Er site or love Shanghai dragon in quick succession of Links, 2~5 a day for several days, so it is easy to be treated as cheating. Another case is only the same type of Industry Union website, a single type of Union will weaken the weight lifting effect.


2, Links website construction

is very large, for this kind of website search engine spiders will spend more time soon, but no matter how the frequency, can not guarantee that all pages are crawled, but through the website map with RSS can update timely presents to the search engine, improve search engine efficiency.

site map (xmlrss)

, although most people understand what is, but every time that these dead link or error page processing mode is directly deleted. When users visit the site, found a lot of error and didn’t do the 404 error page, in the site before online should set up 404 pages, so the search engine to know how to deal with the website chain, rather than defect detection link is deleted, and then will produce links continue to delete. And in that chain, in a timely manner to the search engine to submit dead links, so as to harm the erroneous link and reduce dead links.

website optimization from the beginning as a good channel to enhance sales performance, the initial investment will be in the subsequent process gradually enjoy returns. In order to optimize the following points should be noted to avoid.


, 3 for

HTC recently frequently spread layoffs, as one of the former intelligent mobile phone chiefs, the continuous decline in four consecutive quarters of losses directly lead to stock price. We can understand, understand it is performance is king.

A part of the

to do a real ascension business website, learning optimization promotion necessary especially important. Many details please see the Hangzhou light and


a lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know in the optimization of the chain, but there are some errors. Speaking of the chain, in fact is to search engine spiders a guidepost, so as to improve the efficiency of spiders to crawl the web content. Some Shanghai dragon Er might blindly add articles within the chain, just pay attention to the number, do not consider the correlation of the content. The spider does not directly display content after capture, in the screening process may be because the correlation is not strong will be filtered out. In the construction of internal links, remember to pay attention to the content related to guarantee.

1, the website internal link optimization

The number of pages of large website updated daily from

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