love Shanghai innocence

owners through the love of Shanghai refused to outside the chain of tools and some techniques for IP in a technical exchange group the broken pot inside, get rid of the rubbish before the link, start again, and let the weight of the website again. The station will be the specific steps screenshot out later, the author of the site master Wang refused the chain, and in the process of using the love of Shanghai refused to the outside of the chain webmaster tools, can not help people gasped, frightened.

Why should I cry for love

the afternoon of April 16th, a stationmaster friend said his website is in love with the sea K, said bluntly, there is no ranking in the love of Shanghai, Shanghai by sex rankings for the students there is a large number of grassroots webmaster, this is one of them, in the love of Shanghai has not attack on his website before. One day more than 10 thousand IP, just rely on advertising alliance cost a day is about three hundred, this is not it advertising, now suddenly returned to liberation, which means that he lost economic sources, of course, certainly behind about a love of Shanghai.

fell in love with the sea since the launch of phoenix nest system, has always been a user and hate "taste of the meat, and the bone, dead clean, especially loved Shanghai banned grassroots webmaster, is to love Shanghai but I hated, after some of the naked truth to love Shanghai, innocence, is often the last ditch, which is also used as a search engine, some of the problems in Shanghai are not picky love, the.

said the mass.

here will tell you briefly search engine index principle: the search engine can be found on the Internet to send a new web page and catch the files of the program, this program is usually called a spider. The search engine from a known database of normal as the user’s browser and access these pages and grab files, spiders will grab the content including text, pictures, video and music into the database, then the relevant content processing, sorting, according to certain algorithm renders the content to the user. This is the most important index and storage, the spider will crawl to the file stored in the database.

imagine, how many of the world’s website, the website is light domestic search engine needs to be beyond count, these contents are sweep again, then the relevant content presented to the user, a video folder perhaps dozens of G, you will feel the need to save for a long time, and these websites, how much


is a small business website, included only less than 200, but the chain has as many as 20 thousand huge, if it is manual operation, a chain of the Commissioner, one day only about 300 to 20 thousand, at least have to stop the daily for 100 days, because some cannot be found.

the facts speak Shanghai?

the broken pot net author tells the author witnessed the truth:

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