How to deal with the love Shanghai irregular adjustment algorithm

by the end of the month, many owners began to worry about whether love Shanghai next month will do algorithm adjustment, the forums are afraid of their own website is jittery, are affected. In fact, as long as the expected catch and development trend of love in Shanghai, and their web site to the development trend of network to drive, also don’t need to adjust the algorithm of things to worry about. To this end, I also love to talk about their ideas on Shanghai adjust the expected trend.


1, the content of the website. For the content, from the collection of the trend, the same content included will be less and less, as a webmaster, if the site weight is high enough, could be used to update the way, try to copy their contents collected first again, otherwise the content for the love of Shanghai may be invalid. If not updated, pseudo original is a must, for more resources and more column station website, must implement the pseudo original, a large number of the original title, the original copy, can only make the website weight gradually decreased. For the original, I believe there are few occupation owners can go to the operation, personal suggestions for the ability of the original webmaster, the original content for submission, and improve the quality of site outside the chain through the soft, if only the original content published on its Web site, the publication number of site every day, the weight lifting the effects are worse than soft contribute come.

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3, weight and ranking. For the website weight and keywords ranking, love Shanghai relatively more business users and business users, for individual webmaster more demanding. So we found that now want to re do a new site, there is no certain website resources is hard to do in a short period of time, the entry of new webmaster, is not a good thing. But it is currently operating in the main site, it is good news, because the market is expanding, then the competitors want to catch up is not easy. As long as the good operation of some website, still can obtain good results. In the hands of a large number of web resources and network resources.

site outside the chain. For the love of Shanghai, greatly strengthen the site management after years, foreign chain real-time, update rate and quality have higher requirements. Many owners also found that the release of the soft was reproduced after a few days, soft Wen reproduced the chain out day by day; love will also be part of Shanghai before the site within the chain is as effective as the number of external links, overlay, current love Shanghai has stepped up on the site within the chain and management. External links do distinguish more strictly. Total signs are that normative love Shanghai on site outside the chain to strengthen in a little bit, owners of the chain at the same time spend in mind, we should pay more attention to the legality, regularity, and other aspects of the quality of the chain, enhance the skills and methods of the chain. But for the chain business in this area, there is no love to see Shanghai made the change and adjustment of the more obvious, that the chain business or a certain market, after all, it is also a reflection of the website capital strength, is also a kind of strength website.

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