Out of the shallows excellent optimization Shanghai dragon Er is how to make

A. learning materials is the transmission of ideas, for example: > is flooding


two: how to learn Shanghai dragon

come here every day there are a lot of people, the most fundamental purpose is nothing more than two: understand the Internet status or learn". The ISM thought for a few good things with others absorption refining. However Public opinions are divergent. what is this, each one sticks to his own viewpoint, the choice? That is also a truth, only the direction of the development of the field, and in the face of the crowd such as the development of the different summary. However, reading to read, you really can master the most valuable thing is the most useful. Teach a man to fish as delegate to fish, this paper starts with the analysis of how to get out of Shanghai dragon, optimization of shoal, improve their ability to master is to become an excellent qualified Shanghai dragon er.

don’t expect others can teach you what they tell you is only a kind of thought, really need to watch what he learned to explore ideas, some things can only be can only be sensed. Shanghai dragon is the webmaster do to increase website traffic, and then get profits, this is the most realistic. Look at the others every day some people unknown to the public wrote the article, constantly feeling, learning, but always feel separated by a layer of sand, after all, not their own experience. Some people learn some fur and they think that can start, but the results in a complete mess, personal webmaster how to cultivate their ability of Shanghai dragon can be in an invincible position?


: what is Shanghai dragon

if you are not successful in this regard, please listen to me: many owners from their own no attention to how much Shanghai Longfeng rules, so the study also highlights the very simple, to the point almost face to understand Shanghai dragon is often some webmaster mistakes.

many people think that the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng is constantly of the chain, will the Internet will be Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the task of the er. As the site itself is not up to the original words…… And so on. But what is Shanghai Dragon Technology? Search engine optimization rule is so simple? The answer is negative, Shanghai Dragon technology is a complex work, first as a Shanghai dragon, you must understand the whole industry analysis, policy analysis, competitor analysis, and search engine changing rule. For example: search engine optimization only needs a large number of keyword stuffing a few years ago, you can wait for the traffic into sleep without any anxiety, however fine and is now seeking Jane and a large number of long tail words to optimize and promote the site. Buy black chain from the initial increase website weight to now become the black chain site into the abyss. What is Shanghai dragon? Search engine optimization need to observe with analysis, make the latest countermeasures, continue to accumulate the experience, be conducive to an invincible position, become a qualified Shanghai dragon er.

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