Original A5 a ranking on the home page to help me

do you know Shanghai dragon, do stand outside the station and station optimization, we usually maintenance is the station is to increase the chain, we can in the A5 text can rapidly increase the chain, the weight of ascension, nature began to included in the page, the chain and included promotion, website ranking naturally raised, I finish the article in A5 after the next day to see the next ranking, ranking keywords to the home page, the chain on the site rankings as can be imagined how important it is.


statistical CNZZ today, few people have every day, in the A5 made by the flow of people, more than 100 people, PV to more than 1000, I think the increase of IP and PV, will allow the search engine to know we are a popular station, so the flow of ranking is a certain the influence of.

originally link is about 400, in the A5 post after I had ten minutes with the title of the article is to search query to a lot of weight very high site from A5 here this article I sent and collected, gave me a lot of one-way links, I query the chain outside the next day the chain of a sudden increase in the more than 300, I believe will continue to grow, in the eyes of A5 can quickly post a massive increase in the chain.

three, rose


, a chain of anti surge


, released in A5 printing website to promote the sharing of experience, the next day took a look at the site, outside the chain, ranking the printing network I will be startled at, for a week or so is a new station, regardless of rank, trans, included are immediately changed, the following changes in New sites to share with you in post after A5.

four, traffic soaring

two, included an increase of

above is brought in the A5 post Feifei effect, last week I made every day blog and forum chain, the chain have increased but did not change in the A5 rankings, a post ranking, included, the chain rose, tread on air, quickly to share the experience, thank you for the support of. This paper consists of:

printing factory is a new station, do more than a week, for a long time only included the home page, the inside pages haven’t begun included in A5, sending the article, immediately collected 20 pages, only the inside pages included many, will enhance the website weight, many of my friends have been complaining about how Shanghai has not yet begun included love the site of the inside pages are not actually action, you can write some high quality soft Wen, increase the frequency of the spider crawling, the weight of the high, the quality of OK words naturally included in the page.

snapshot can not represent the website ranking, but it can be done as an evaluation factor weights of the website, the more new snapshot, it proves that the spider crawl included more frequently, it was before snapshot is a week, now that the next day, the weight of ascension, search engines began to pay attention to our station.

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