How to share with smart to construct the high spread of Shanghai dragon soft

can be said now is a critical period for the development of Shanghai because of love, now surrounding competitors are on the Chinese search engine industry is still on, soso, Sogou even in 360, honing skills, hope can make a difference in this area, and as Chinese search engine industry leader, there are a lot of love in Shanghai service vulnerabilities, so in this critical time, consolidation will become inevitable. Would rather kill three thousand, can not miss a. However, we didn’t care this, but what should we do. If this time the author can find a good case, a website about how to revive it with examples of the methods, the "

with the shortest words you want most to see the things

1 before writing to lay a draft, will focus on what you want to say the list

you resonate with a case and the most direct method with pictures

now Baidu no one can understand, collection site is K station is just, even insist on the original site are all dead, this is justified, so everyone on the Internet have accused Shanghai of love and shameless behavior, but the responsibility of blame, we website development or love should be based on the Shanghai the stable source of traffic. So most of the time, you want to see in the new environment, how should we do more reasonable? So it became the breakthrough point we write text, grasp all the reading curiosity, say you want to see something in the short words, such as love Shanghai update is really practical, such as garbage again why so serious casualties site and so on, this article will make the article at the outset received special attention. However, when writing this article, we should hold a short, with the most concise words to explain, because now we are burning with impatience, if the nag chattered, it will play a side effect. So this gives you some advice:


3 can say no nonsense

recently love Shanghai much raise a Babel of criticism of many webmaster friends, jittery, afraid of their own site will one day lying in the gun. The author also is such, now you every day to check whether the environment for the development of the stability of the site, you stand there is no problem, even I have 100 +% original innovation, a bluff ingredients are not. The website did this, in the update 7.13 is subject to a certain influence, but they stick to the text, which makes my website of pupil composition gradually returned to normal. May be said to write soft many friends and love and hate, love is that this method is efficient, affordable, hate is their own not to write. Just take this opportunity, I share how they are in the "love Shanghai update" under the background of clever construction of Shanghai dragon soft.

before each paragraph to write a summary of the discourse, let the reader understand what this part is mainly about the

The update event

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