Only 10% of the Shanghai dragon er know how to do web content


your site to seize the most valuable user is ready to buy, maybe he isn’t on your website to understand product information, if your website to be able to attract them, it is possible to quickly.

peer promotion personnel

2. using

purchase stage

, who will visit your web site


if you are in charge of a handling robot website now Shanghai dragon optimization, browsing your site will have? I roughly divided into the following three categories:

1. the person who needs to buy (in charge of the project, the procurement staff, the boss of


two, he needs what information

some users may have some understanding of the products, and know what to buy what kind of products, but need to find specific product brands and models. They will also enter the information type keyword search, but these products would be more specific search. For example, in the learning stage will search "robot", browsing stage users will search "AGV robot in product information".

general white users considering the purchase, will first learn a lot of information about the product, they will generally use the information search to understand the product related information. If you want to ensure that users can find your website, after searching information so you should write keywords and related articles, this paper use the objective information to do comparison, to highlight your strengths, let users think your product is the best solution.

no matter how the development of the Internet, how to change the means of communication, "not the essence of the content is the king". Shanghai dragon er know the quality of website content has a very important effect on search engine rankings, but really know how to do the content according to the user demand Shanghai dragon Er does not, then how can we do the website? I think we should understand the following questions.

? This kind of

(2) product information browsing stage

so did you do in the content planning, must ensure that the catalog page, but is not only the product details page. So regardless of whether the user input product name or specific brands and models can bring traffic to your website.

! ?

every flow behind a living person, we only have to determine who will visit our website, and know what he needs, so as to better make users love the content. Don’t know how to study the needs of users can see an article I wrote before: Shanghai dragon Er, the product manager must understand the user demand analysis method

users to buy products generally experienced 3 stages.

(1) learn


1. needs to buy

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