Personal micro letter how entrepreneurial start sucking cock into powder

yesterday, a reader in the subscription number in the message, ask men in WeChat how to sell cosmetics? Is not to swap roles specific to how to start? Like, think before the recording of all sorts, think to be able to share content or pretty much. No money no individual grass root resources, from scratch, from there to the business with a small capital, large, although it is difficult but not necessarily a dead end, that should be how to do


1, is the first selection, the target product, or is already on sale in friends can skip this section. Which products are suitable for WeChat? What are the characteristics of the products on WeChat?

A, female related;

B, the consumption cycle is short, can repeat purchase;

C, no after-sales trouble, or less;

D, sufficient market demand, it is best just need;

women are related; why should they be related to women? Here’s a perfect explanation for this


although more exaggerated funny, but most women are more likely to impulse consumption, the circle of friends lured by a variety of attractions to attract women to buy a few words.

consumption cycle is short, repeat purchase; if you are selling glasses, users buy unless lost, fell sick, otherwise, the possibility come for you to buy too little, you’re not the line of stores and Taobao stores, popular to protect the flow of people and search and so on;

customer service without trouble, or less; do you sell 10 products, 8 clamoring to return or refund money, live lean, death is inevitable.

sufficient market demand, the best is just (priority among priorities); no, what people need, what are you selling? What is just? Is life without it or not, a lot of trouble is costly, this product is easy to touch almost users, to impress users.

what products are just on the need for the product? In fact, this is very simple, examples of a few examples, we see at a glance.

A pox, acne on the face of

– dress, affect the mood of..

black skin – a white cover thousands of ugly, beauty needs skin whitening;

odor – was supercilious, despise, influence of self-confidence;

The damaged

– bald image, influence of confidence;

Xie, ED— is on the early female mind, self-esteem;

et al.


can be said to be just need products, the urgent need to improve, secret sorrow, immediately; multi concluded, WeChat is actually sellers, mask is a good choice, but if you can in just need, such as acne, it is perfect.

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