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why do people use search engines? The reason is because everyone has knowledge and experience can not meet the actual demand, the daily life at the moment, the search engine has become a very good channel for the dissemination of information.

I hope to find friends, chat about how to tap consumer search habits. However, the author is not what Shanghai Longfeng Daniel, even optimize work, it is only from the analysis of the data, to study how to search the content that consumers love, therefore does not have what good experience can give inspiration.

then in the collection of articles, the search will be how to choose? Must pay more attention to the title and description, which is why Shanghai dragon, must focus on the treatment of TDK (Title, Description, Keyword) of the root cause. After all, when people search for relevant information, if you can see the focus of most concern them in the title and Description column, then click on the collection of these data are, will greatly increase the chance.

search engine optimization part of the work, but also a habit of using search engines to help users to deal with daily affairs, which has a rich application experience, so when I was in Shanghai Longfeng work, search the possibility according to their daily habits can be for consumers to simulate the probability of success is improved accordingly. Then the author will discuss from the following aspects of consumers usually love what search.

so when we deal with TDK, must comply with the focus, let search content at a glance the purpose of the paper, the most essential part are concentrated in the title and description as far as possible. Through the search engine segmentation technology, as long as the title handled well, it can form a variety of long tail keywords, long tail word that brings the flow is very considerable. If I had to optimize an article titled "the 2013 annual KTV duet songs charts list", through the love Shanghai search engine of word segmentation, the article is divided into "Retim list" and "Retim list 2013", "KTV Retim list", "male and female duet song", "2013 duet song list," the long tail words, every day through.

content at a glance

for example when people want to know what is O2O, you can choose a simple understanding of the terminology about the content, online and offline combination of e-commerce, through the Internet to attract traffic, the traffic into effective consumer groups, and then use the closed-loop mode so that these consumers become old customers…… However, this simple memory can not meet people thirst for knowledge of the O2O business model, so they will do everything possible to through the search engine to collect a large number of O2O and the business model of the article, and then one by one study and analysis.

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