The core elements of user experience and good website and Shanghai Dragon


then second elements: the first is the Shanghai dragon big referred to the core, then second points put some Shanghai dragon "

second: professional website, this is a point I have to say, many sites have not paid enough attention to the professional degree, professional degree is what we should consider, professional degree, is a field of hegemony, has all the answers to these questions in this field only, you want to know that you should understand, you know, this is the professional degree, is the user experience of the king.

third: update website, the above 2 points to improve these aspects, here is the website update degree should take place, the update frequency stable website lets users also love nature, love if the user on your site, then the flow is rushing, will continue to go in your website to see him looking for knowledge, thus learning, we often say the information on the website, see the release and integration is information, understand the latest information, which is updated and values.

core: user, to the user as the core, in fact, no matter what, to the user as the core, remember a word, let your website can solve the problem of users, then when users need again the answer to this question you can think of the website, the website in you this is the favorites, the strength of the user, the user, is spread, a mass ten, ten hundred, and widely spread, the core is to satisfy users, can provide users with the most core value, this is the website, but this kind of core, how to meet it, some people say the user, is to give him the contents of it, but he never thought, the right content is the right belongs to us should grasp the correct content, is the real user experience

as mentioned in the user experience, so the user experience should meet

site open speed, remember in Lu Songsong’s blog, read an article, using Yahoo YSlow to detect the performance of the site, so as to improve the user experience, but few people use such tools, ordinary people is directly thrown a program into the site without space optimization details some of the procedural aspects of the more influential, and these influence lies in the details, and the opening speed are closely related, only do the best to improve the speed and experience.


you have a personal blog, we must think of how to build a good website, a good website should have what conditions forming it, so here, in accordance with their own thinking about it, after all, you have always wanted to do some good websites, from the year do Taobao guest website, up to now has to go to the site, to choose a good web site, then these conditions are necessary.

what conditions?The first point:

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