Sogou 360 touch spark Tencent and 360 fight again


Sogou gives the image is always very honest, even if it is also playing a kidnapped Sogou input method Sogou browser Sogou navigation so as to enhance the ability, and to improve Sogou search engine market share, although there are some attributes of these actions "rogue", but compared to the 360 and Tencent and some other Internet Co the kidnapping of the sales point of view, Sogou still very low-key, so Sogou in the middle of these internet giants still live relatively moist, at least not encounter slobber battle.

is a boon to love Shanghai or join the competition


but the two companies are competing for the sea, only to fall in love with the remaining 40% of the market competition, this will not pose a threat to the love of Shanghai, even between 360 and Sogou competition will have gaps, and let them love Shanghai breakthrough, let love Shanghai’s market share has increased, that is to say the two companies are competing, finally enrichment is to love Shanghai.

now Sogou Tencent to take over, although the Tencent investment funds are not many, of course, is calculated in US dollars, if the RMB is spent about 2000000000 yuan, these funds allow Tencent have the absolute right to speak in the operation of dogs, and can relieve the Sogou input method and Sogou browser and search engine build stereo marketing model, and thus 360 began to carry out the competition in this industry, many experts said that the target Tencent compete on the 360 it is reported to the security sector for, but for the search engine market has had a negative impact.

many industry experts said, Sogou is the acquisition of Tencent, is now the most basic goal is the current search engine market ranked second of the 360 beat, this strategy is obviously very normal, if you start to love Shanghai and competition will obviously appear yiluanjidan, and the 360 competition, currently Sogou still has some after all, Tencent is not love let go company, once there is a sign of success, it will cost 200% to 360 energy competition, this will feel the pressure, 360 of the search engine market, perhaps in the near future may be converted into Sogou users.

360 and engaged in the competition, Shanghai love Yuwengdeli

industry experts believe that Shanghai may be because the love between 360 and Sogou competition will be left in the search engine market, but I think a certain.

Of course

is Sogou relatively honest, but let Sogou operations gradually into the bottleneck, because very wolf Internet Co performance, in this context, if only honest, dare not to competition, or competition in the right way, it is very difficult to maintain the advantage in the search engine. In fact, Sogou since 360 in the second half of 2012 to kill suddenly after the search engine market, put Sogou hard behind, which shows no awareness of the potential crisis.

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