Share once made in the Shanghai dragon error cheat search engine escape the big hand

first started, do not write the title of the site, to see which keywords hot to do what the results for a long time do not have a good ranking, have no way to change the title, the title right down, there is the word, because the title change ranking fell. And wait for a period of time, the words do not go up for the next, always do not have a stable website title. As a result, the keyword of the website has not good ranking. So when we write the title of the site must be careful, the Ersanshilai word is worth, must think well, writing is not changed. In addition to the title, but also made the mistake of keyword stuffing. There is a very popular two word keyword A, in 50 or so, I want to use this word as the core, extend many words, then you will have a good ranking, and is likely to enter the top 20. So the website title was changed to look like this: A|AB|AC|DA|EFA|AGHI- the name of the site, the results did not I imagine there is a good ranking, in fact there is no good rankings. This is a keyword error, A keywords repeated 6 words, normally, a keyword should not be repeated more than 3 times, 2 times on it.

second error, global footer add a keyword

the first error, cheating on the site

on page how much the most appropriate that I am not very clear, there is a saying two percent to five percent best. But I do not know that only control density, increase the density will increase the weight of the word, so a lot of home add keywords, density >

first started to contact the Shanghai dragon, always have the psychological luck, hope that through some clever tricks steal workers make keywords have a good ranking, but the fact is always on the contrary, their own kind of bitter all eat, finally, do Shanghai dragon phoenix or to the ground, insist on step a time to do so, don’t think of cheating, cheating because escape search engine slap.

many times by the anchor text optimization on Google, pay more attention to the chain, love Shanghai on the chain and Google relatively more attention within the chain. In each article, add a keyword sometimes very troublesome, may have to manually edit articles. Then steal workers tricky, write the key to optimization in the footer template, and link to the home page, this is a global chain, each page has the keyword in the anchor text chain. So after modification, I wait for keywords ranking on the rise, over the past three days, love Shanghai updated my website, the keywords in the top 1000 can not find the shadow. It seems that I love Shanghai station cheating, K lost the key. Anchor text when wake up out of this global, after more than 1 weeks time, came back.

Keywords titleWhen

keywordKeyword density

third error page keyword stuffing, and hide the


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