The rapid increase in the link is a fatal blow to the website

please indicate the source!

after this thing, I would like to suggest that the majority of the US Shanghai dragon Er: Shanghai dragon is a long-term accumulation process should be gradual, unremittingly, this is a More haste, less speed.. Anxious can only be counterproductive from 贵族宝贝!

unisignflex Shanghai dragon today does not talk about the content of the website of things, only with some of their own experience to talk about the link problem, rapid increase about the chain which will cause adverse effects as well as the disadvantages of website.

a new station in March when the goal is to determine the core keywords in several industries do love Shanghai top three natural position within 3 months. After the initial operation, I use some of their own resources to start construction site links, because of their own resources, so the control have no problem, all my sites are added to the link, even some websites or the station link. Of which there are several PR value at about 3 sites, in order to do some of the relative nature, I did not operate with one-way links, but the real Links.

in a period of time love Shanghai sandbox, I did not stop the chain construction work, but I changed my strategy, I find some and site theme related website Links, and used to drive the construction of the soft, every day I will control the number of the chain, in the end I love Shanghai the website is put out, which I had put out key words and determine all reached the expected effect of the ranking. For a period of 1 months 20 days.

in about half a month after the relevant keywords I have soared to the home page, but on the second day of my site was obvious right down the search engine, SITE web page is not the first, and the first 10 pages of our brand keywords can not find. This situation lasted nearly 20 days, finally through the analysis and observation I think the site is to love Shanghai sandbox. The reason is very simple, is in a short time internal and external links grow too fast, let the search engines don’t feel natural, so the search engine will give you the site in Xiaoheiwu observed for a period of time again.

I am responsible for the promotion and optimization of

in Shanghai Longfeng community popular saying "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence in Shanghai focused on the core of the dragon and operating practices and work content. Search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is divided into two parts: 1, internal web site optimization; 2, external web site optimization; internal website optimization is mainly reflected in the content of the web site, structure, within the chain, which is important. External optimization is mainly the construction of high quality links, in such a case is derived from the phrase "content is king, the chain for the classic overview of emperor.

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