WeChat bonus period How she 1 years rose pink income of nearly 4 million

[Abstract] electricity supplier IP+ = $, this formula can be set up to how to play? The second half of 2016, the state power grid will collect all the popular IP business play, provide a reference for people concerned about this entrepreneurial path.

this time to say a very magical, very profitable, but also controversial WeChat public numbers – mi meng.

microphone Mongolia how amazing? Not in WeChat dividend period, September 2015 opened a public number, just a few months, Amy Mongolia broke millions of fans, since the beginning of the year, published more than 100 articles, article reading 100 thousand +, many even more than 1 million. Now the microphone Mongolia has 4 million fans, and WeChat public number she par few.

how do I make money, according to industry sources, the 50 ad ad, a week of advertising, a month is about 8 million of the income of the year of the year of the year, the number of people in the world is not worth more than $4. It is said that the price of space is still very large, only the number of WeChat public 2016 will be more than 90 million of the income will be. The team is still said to be a single digit, how much profit space can be imagined.



: Tiger sniffing columnist Zuo Zhijian issued a document called the big 1 is Amy mongolia. Amy Mengyin high conversion rate by advertisers sought, and microphone Mongolia said 80% of its fans are women (mostly with the spending power of the young woman).

microphone Mongolia ye so controversial? Because her remarks are particularly sharp and stimulation, such as "forever patriotic, patriotism is always full of tears" said bestiality, this attracted media large and some users have issued criticism. Obviously, she spoke more explicit and vulgar than Papi sauce, even what can only respect their vulgar instead.

Regardless of the value of

, regardless of whether or not, the nose of the suction powder and suction capacity must make people itch. Although the microphone Mongolia can not be copied, but since the media compared with Papi sauce, such as new world fame, they are popular with the common routine.

subject to someone’s heart


has 500 thousand fans of WeChat public operators told billion state power network, a new WeChat public number, if the article is not spread in a circle of friends, is sentenced to death.

That is to say, the late start of the

must be done so that the public in the circle of friends forwarded articles. Can cause the public to forward the circle of friends articles, the parties can generally feel interesting, useful and resonant. Amy is more astute, Amy became the first step in the famous, the subject of the quasi accurate woman’s daily topics of concern. For example, to fight a lot of money to fight a small three, the boy should not be poor, rich two generations to fight fair unfair father." The WeChat public person told billion state power network.



: microphone Mongolia article title in part, can be found in most of the content is in the discussion of emotion, reviews, self shaping and various social psychology.


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