Note the purchase link analysis

purchase chain

purchase link rules for the operation of

The benefits of

3, enhance the site in the search engine’s weight, can enhance the specified keywords in the search engine rankings, so as to enhance the overall flow of the site, flow have income, increase income is the hard truth.

, first check its website theme, theme is not related to the station would not continue to see, the correlation is not strong site effect is not obvious, "

Links benefits, I think everyone is very clear, Links is not can give you the site how much direct traffic, and it is one of the most important factors that affect search engine rankings, search engines will analyze the site for the quantity and quality of the link, in order to make the evaluation of the site and the final influence of the site in the search results of performance. Get the link, especially the home link channels, most main has two kinds, one is a two-way link exchange, also called Links; another is one-way links, are usually bought. For some new sites included, snapshots, or love Shanghai weight, the PR value data of general performance of the station, you want to get high quality Links that is quite difficult, in contrast, it is relatively simple to buy links with money, this money payment, the straight edge immediately hang on the link.

in short, high quality link advantage:

website snapshot, the weight, the PR value also improved, be able to get a better Links, with Links support, website traffic will be getting better and better, because of this, more and more people join the ranks of the purchase link, now, Shanghai announced the "love" the sale of harm link, love Shanghai clearly pointed out: "please cherish every right to vote, but not the power to sell, but should not be packaged and sold to link agency. If the search engine found sites selling links behavior, it will affect the overall performance of the site in the search engine system." , Google has also released a related content, in the two major search engines in the background to crack down on the sale to buy links, links and effect? The answer is yes, the effect is certainly there, the key is to buy which links will have effect.

The first step of

2, improve the PR value;

1, speed up the website snapshot update

note: Xing Maple link was a step in the operation will not be Shanghai dragon black hat, because of links to the sale of the primary stage of development when the effect is significant, which is now widely used, have intensified trend! In order to enhance the website weight, thus further enhance the whole website traffic, buy links the choice of many people. For the purchase of the link, but some are upset, want to get some quality links, no RMB who will selflessly give? Benefits today buy links Xing Feng and attention to talk about their own views

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