On site preferred domain

station promotion need to pay attention to the problemWe often find

site website, site www without the website domain name, search >

recently in the group and some friends, some friends asked me, that more attention is the site of the first domain, many novice friends confused, especially for a new station, when he saw her with WWW without www at the same time, in fact, this is not necessary to complete the panic. It is normal. For love in Shanghai did not know which you intend to use the domain name as the preferred domain, but not www or top, Shanghai is usually the first love is not WWW, but after a period of time to adapt, will slowly snapshot not update and then slowly not included, following Xu Guoxiang and everyone discussion about the problem of so-called preferred site domain:

while there are 2 snapshots, but also did not do long new sites, not how to promotion, is to rely on search engine automatic selection, use of results will be relatively slow, some choice even themselves do not want to see the results of that situation, or the use of more appropriate than 301.

Pictured above is

2, is standing outside the promotion and the unity of the internal links the first domain you want to do.

1, and the vast majority of local navigation home use absolute address display, eg: my blog "Shanghai dragon optimization" column, the Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ /default.html this address, instead of using the /default.html / Shanghai Longfeng relative address.

this is my own blog, now site not to blog information without WWW, because when I do the chain and the site chain are used in the WWW Search engine, choose the right choice.

, what do we do for the new station site first domain

two, a little common sense and a first domain

new sites online or on-line a few months, but not how to do the promotion, will appear with WWW and without www also included, in this case, if we want to solve the fast, can only use 301 steering. In fact, we do not need to do so, because after a time, love Shanghai will know which site you use the preferred domain, for Google, in the background management tools are provided, won’t go into here, exclusively for love in Shanghai. We can take the following 2 ways to let search engines to quickly understand the preferred domain of your choice:

after the above 2 steps, the search engine will naturally know what you want to do the main domain name.



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