Shanghai dragon new year will summarize the move slow

notes, this year, I was once on the site on the basis of the original 3-4 other website, but the website once construction is complete, when you want to maintain, but encountered a problem, because there is no enough energy to do maintenance, to adjust, to analyze and explore the user so these sites, this year, Shanghai, after being dismissed: love to kill, it is foreseeable that we do is often spend a lot of money, and then continue to diversify their energy, and ultimately make their pick up lost watermelon, sesame, this is really the most taboo website.

as a grassroots webmaster, time of year to relax too often the holiday vacation, seven days off, and then leave, can rest to ten days, this period of time, can let your mind relax continuously, these years, we have been searching to get numb method, to do the site too much too much, if asked to have clouds in a flash, secure website, not let their aimless do those doing no dynamic website, but to find a type of site constantly stick to, the only way to continue on this basis to extend the original business, when after a stable, you will see a beautiful dawn ahead.

this word actually has been explained when we face various adjustments, should be the maximum in the face of such adjustments and changes, Fight fire with water., this year, love Shanghai has updated and adjusted for half a year, get rid of what they think is garbage sites, Taobao guest website basically sorry, then in >

secure website, is to let his heart sink, do a good website really, so that they can feel at ease to maintain the website, through this website can earn advertising fees, membership fees, traffic fees, referral fees, and the profit model, when a web site, but also to continue to adjust, the website structure optimization continuously, let users up constantly, make a point, and then to the other point, you will see this is the Internet, a person of a career, Jingxiaxinlai, can foresee the real good.

meditation: Happy Lunar New Year and secure website

: move slow Fight fire with water.

a few days to welcome the Lunar New Year holiday, once a year, the number of friends in the site can not be normal maintenance concerns during the Chinese new year, how many friends in that site may be affected, but there is a computer with internet access these are not problems, in this year, we have seen too much too many groundless talk when the 360 search, carrying the flag came to our side, you are trembling? When love Shanghai update algorithm, are you crying? When these have been boiled over, the rest is the reflection, and then move slow. This message, to commemorate the annual meeting of the Shanghai dragon plan and then move, gave himself the new faith new year.

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