Why Zuckerberg and Ma praised from the internal training management

in the Internet industry, talent is a core competitiveness, a careless move, can meet the eye everywhere example. The Facebook and Alibaba’s employment mechanism, it has a strong reference, because they are highly respected from the internal training management.

Zuckerberg said that he did the smartest thing is to give employees a lot of opportunities in the Facebook12 report directly to his department, except one, other people are not just entering the company, management. Alibaba from the beginning of 2010, has been operating within the management team partner system, every year to select a new partner to join. Visible, Zuckerberg and ma have attached great importance to the cultivation of internal talent.


compared with many start-up companies, in order to solve the bottleneck of business development, huadaijiaqian hired executives from large enterprises, but had to face the "airborne executives" into the "entrepreneurial company, for example, not The climate does not suit one." than a year on the risk of leaving. Obviously, the frequent movement of the executive is not, a positive signal for an enterprise, after all, replace executives also means that the build up of the team also will be replaced. This may lead to a series of problems, such as the change of the enterprise development strategy, the reduction of the internal cohesion, and even the fluctuation of the stock price.

one, the value of similar executives and corporate founders to create the same goal

management from internal training, personal value and enterprise value will inevitably become more similar, so in the strategic level, executives are more likely to have more consensus and founder and goals, so as to avoid the differences caused by the executive decision beyond the founder’s expectations, leading to both ideas are not well implemented the development of the enterprise, ultimately hinder. But for the founder, management zhigenzhidi from internal training, they are more willing to give their full support and confidence, which promotes the executives to play their personal creativity in a sense.

two, a strong sense of belonging and the sense of ownership to promote a more stable tenure of executives

for foreign executives, into an enterprise culture takes a long time, is a difficult thing, a lot of "airborne executives" to the corporate office less than a year, facing the turnover of active or passive. The executives who grow up together with the enterprise are more likely to agree with the corporate culture, and the corporate culture has one hundred percent loyalty. A strong sense of belonging and a sense of ownership are more likely to motivate senior managers to overcome the difficulties and stick to it. Stable tenure of executives, to maintain the consistency and coherence of enterprise development strategy, and promote the gradual progress of enterprises has an immeasurable role.

three, familiar with the business and the accumulation of contacts to help executives to implement

some step by step from the grassroots to the managers of the enterprise, the company’s products, operating mechanisms, contacts

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