The 2011 update website PR value Adventures

PR cleared for several reasons:

my station Links are well-known within the industry website, but there are several selling links. I query you >

is my garbage station by Google punishment, resulting in PR cleared it. I site included a website, found that home is gone. I stand in the front page is K, no wonder can not find PR. Communication web site is about three years, but not what income. In order to increase a little income, I hung two directory below, is a program of hotel reservation and Taobao customers, and are collected. Use the site high weight, increase the income to support space spending. Sometimes when the space is not stable, there will be a lot of crawl errors. Is this reason, recently the two directory Web page number included has been reduced, and the weight is more and more low.

PR for the first time in January 20, 2010, updated in A5 and home owners, many owners of their website PR reported gratifying rise, but there are a few of the site PR was cleared, is said to dump the punishment. See the news, I think PR should update the web communication into 6, because the site has a lot of quality links, the chain number is also very impressive. But it is also possible to keep 5, sometimes people cannot read PR. So I excitedly query the PR value, when I saw 51 statistics on the PR value, the PR value of my station become 0. Was like putting a pot of cold water and cool. Shanghai Longfeng data statistics on the 51 is not wrong, I to a few professional website to check it, that is 0. The query in Google hundreds of servers, without exception is 0.

PR has been a long time not to update, but the communications industry Web site or in the www.tele126贵族宝贝.cn as in the past to exchange friendship link. One is to increase the weight of the website, and to the next PR update to strive for further improvement. After the new year, because the site is increasing, the original space has been inadequate, in order to the development of the website, the replacement of the space. The replacement of space, in order to avoid IP because the site as a result of changes in the right down, then re add the robot file and sitemap file.

, a garbage station punished

then the nightmare begins, to January four or five, in Google webmaster tools, see a lot of Robot File restrictions and grab mistake, robot files are prompted to download the sitemap file is not successful, not successful verification. At that time, did not pay attention to. Because the original site are not placed robot and sitemap files. About a week or so, the PR value fluctuate, sometimes 0, sometimes 5. But I do not care, sometimes PR fluctuation is normal.

two, Links was implicated in joint punishment

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