How the existing products user experience testing and optimization

o need to break the layout of

" – interaction designThe design principle of from what needs to be considered "

, what needs to be optimized (Considerations)

o visual stream is interference,

The optimization method of visual burden

not to:

o interactive design process of new features / productsDesign and optimization of

o follows the principle of what

optimization of existing products experience, this is the description of the common user experience in related job responsibilities. Our products are often continuous improvement in the iterative process of rapid, as children born to raise to grow up, optimizing the existing features / products, and design new features / products are equally important, can not be neglected.

o product concept, function level


however, compared to the realization of new functions, the optimization of the existing function always seems not so urgent and very scattered, leads to the iterative optimization plan is classified as "important urgent" or even "important urgent" quadrant, into East West Lang hammer sale stick. We can through usability testing to find the problem, but often tested by time, users solicitation, venues and equipment conditions, and may not be the. More often, designers need to according to certain principles (e.g. usability guidelines) to go check, to quickly find and solve problems.

is one of the main purpose of the design principles to optimize the user experience of the product. For the production of tools and other non entertainment oriented products, which means that the work load to a minimum." The essence of "

o need to locate the target information

o entertainment oriented productsOptimization of

o specific

o need to distinguish the visual elements of

o need to distinguish the content level of

this small article concern is: if you want to design Interactive non entertainment oriented products have to optimize our

1. visual work

o often need to transform sight


2. c> cognitive burden

o how to determine the optimal priority

o for each type of product tips

o needs to identify the starting point of reading


o how to start to check the design of the existing

behavior and interface level should tell us, designed to reduce the user’s workload. But we are often not caring, imperceptibly to the user set up all kinds of tests and make them crazy:

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