Five Shanghai, the most easily overlooked details

One suggestion is to like

three directory 贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝/dir1/dir2/dir3/

keywords said, the label has been abandoned by many search engines, if you do E the station, the label is still very useful for YAHOO. Do Chinese station, please take a look at your station title and description these two labels do? Do not think that title is used to give you one key words, no other key words and title words echoing the entire page, it is easy to be search engine that you are cheating, so the best way is to determine the key words according to the content, the only way is the most effective method. About description


, title and description

, love Shanghai, Google, Sogou will be used as the site description, so to write, matching with title and content, summarize your theme with the most simple words, it is the best method of Shanghai dragon. If the title account for 30 in the ranking system, then the description account for at least 20 minutes, so make good use of these two labels on your web site overall ranking will certainly have a very good help.

directory 贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝/dir1/

chainMany webmaster general Many search engines such as

everyone should know the directory structure simple, the easier it is to access the search engine, a inappropriate analogy, you hurry up the toilet, it will first consider the most gold from your toilet, rather than leave you 100 meters away from the toilet.

in the hierarchy directory directly reflected in URL.

signature: Shanghai dragon is not a simple matter, from the details, feel. Many webmaster especially those who just join the novice, always thought that Shanghai dragon is very simple, so they do Links, piled some keywords, that it can get good rankings, but it did not in fact! Shanghai Longfeng most should pay attention to the details of that, from the details, for the Shanghai dragon essence! Well, not the ink, and we see these Shanghai Longfeng details achieved

. Three layer structure is the best.

So the best

two directory 贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝/dir1/dir2/

Links thought that love exchange, can achieve a good ranking, but I want to say is that you pay attention to in the chain based on don’t forget the importance of the chain. The chain structure is very helpful to.


directory structure

home 贵族宝贝XXX贵族宝贝/

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