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website in early May to build, and then do a month of Shanghai dragon, at the end of May, all keywords have a good ranking, but when I was in late May to Beijing tourism, in June 3rd, ranking at the peak, a few words into the love of Shanghai the home page, the target keywords into the top three, after this, I just update a website in June 5th, when I came back from Beijing, found a snapshot of the site fixed in 5.27, has been fixed, stable ranking fell in love in Shanghai, home, but not too serious, and then review the relevant statistical tools, found that web site the flow is very stable in half a month, the ranking should be relatively stable, the overall optimization of the site still had to go.

first, we first look at a picture:

most people are on the concept of trust, of course, does not rule out that someone does not believe this, because they see some of the site’s period is not very new, but the number is still high! For the above point of view, I believe, and met a few times, but always leave a word or two. Not just for a website today, unfortunately, I was such a "tragedy", so I wrote this article to share with you.

is updated!This is my


how to do?

goal of the website is white hair black, in 8 of the time, the keyword ranked sixth, but also to say, the keywords ranking sixth at least 20 days or more, all other words are also not too bad place, however, to 10, a large family can be found many words have, almost no ranking, the keywords white haired old 21, is located in Shanghai love second pages, and then to the hundreds of pages, some top 20, also ran to hundreds of pages to go.

believe that many novice friends do Shanghai Longfeng heard of such an idea: stable high quality update for your site of the original article, then you will slowly change website weight high, ranking will be up, otherwise, the site will be right down, you can not find the shadow in the search engine.

this is a keyword ranking monitoring map, we look at 6.8 and today’s contrast.

but don’t worry, although the search engine drop your weight, but it doesn’t matter what, as long as you adhere to update, insist on the chain, maintain a calm state of mind, ranking will soon come, in the face of this situation is the most taboo or abandon themselves to despair. < >

and I in No. 6.7 or the official update website, but the snapshot still did not move, of course, the ranking is also did not move, until today! In the face of this situation, the Shanghai dragon Er

what is the reason causing the website ranking drop so outrageous? Careful friends must have guessed that, yes, the

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