The small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing era should be how to do Shanghai Dragon

mainly analysis and finishing the hot words, the long tail word. The person in charge of business promotion through the love of Shanghai index and Google keyword tool to achieve the enterprise product most relevant keywords list and user data retrieval. In addition.

before the share of small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized construction enterprises do network promotion of the two article, the author introduces a basic process of the establishment of the enterprise and make several ideas to network promotion. Today, small and medium-sized enterprises do a search engine optimization idea of network promotion (Shanghai dragon), a share, hope to help some enterprises.

1) Shanghai dragon plan

program are mainly HTML tags, the best to meet the W3C standard; user experience optimization, including web browsing speed, website color, browsing habits conform to user needs to wait.

How to

with the development of network, the network marketing sales channels more and more attention, especially the small and medium-sized enterprise groups. They do not have enough brand advantage, has been at a disadvantage in the traditional sales ranks, but the network marketing can bring them with the advantages of large enterprises equal opportunity.

3) analysis and sorting

Develop The

2) internal optimization of

enterprises to do the practice of Shanghai Longfeng has attracted more and more attention because of some small and medium-sized enterprises, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have the company’s website, some even have a portal site, at the same time, these enterprises also attaches great importance to the network, the network can give them hope to economic interests, and to evaluate the effect of service outsourcing. Shanghai Longfeng enterprises grasp several main processes:

programsThe rational use of the optimization of

Shanghai Longfeng plans should include each of the following task schedule, executive officers, each cycle of plan, keywords ranking flow, network consulting etc..

let’s take a look at what is Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon is a search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) English referred to, is a kind of ranking rules to improve the target in relevant website search engine rankings in the way of using search engine. The first goal of the search engine of network marketing is to make your site more target users see, research shows that several entries for search engine users often only look search results to the front, so it is necessary to Shanghai dragon. So how should the enterprises to do the Shanghai dragon? Enterprise Shanghai dragon’s purpose is to get the search results on top position, in order to make a profit. Enterprises can own the formation of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon team to do, can also be outsourced to a professional company of Shanghai dragon, but no matter what means, evaluation of Shanghai Longfeng plan and Shanghai Longfeng effect is the most important part of. Here I share these two approaches:


1. enterprise team to Shanghai dragon

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