The website keyword density how best

3, in the text proper words, refer to the following methods in the fourth part of this paper.


four, the content of the text must be appropriate keywords

page keyword Best only one, then all around the keywords, in order to ensure the reasonable keyword density. If indeed there are a large number of keywords need to be optimized, can be scattered written in other pages and targeted optimization. Most typically have different products and services under the condition of single page optimization for each product, and not listed in a home page.

For example:

, a number of key words:

2, lower part of the page in the key words.

code Title, META labels carefully set.


is in a page, the percentage of total number of key word in the page number, the index of search engine optimization plays an important role. Keyword density is generally 3% to 5% is more appropriate, more than the standard is too high or too low. So how to improve the keyword density of

creative website this kind of page, just for the website:

keyword density

1, increase the number of words appear.

Guan Jian word must make many novice webmaster worry. Webmaster note keyword density will be in the optimization of the web site, for it is not proficient, novice should pay attention to, lest the keywords set too close and be punished.

search engine can’t grab pictures, so when pages in the picture Alt attribute add keywords to the search engine friendly, it will think.

website appreciation, this category page is only for "website appreciation":

Three, "


2, hypertext can increase keyword captions.

web page code Title, META tags (keywords keyword and Description Description) carefully set. For example:

4, in the picture to add keywords in the text attribute description.

3, the other in the header row of text by text bold, English keywords can reflect the keywords of capital.

control (Keyword Density)

1, the content of the text must be appropriate keywords, and "focus", refers to the user reading habits formed by reading first position from top to bottom, from left to right as keywords key positions, including: the page on top, left, title, text before 200 words. Keywords ranking is more helpful in these places. Bold, for its ranking function.

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