A letter to App entrepreneurs

A few days ago

read an article written by a 26 year old entrepreneur spent 400 days business failures, the causes of the failure of this article can feel the business through the development of App is to slow death, plan 3 months on the line of App, let the outsourcing team do. The delay of 3 months on the line, finally launched a bunch of bug, so bug estimates changed again for a long time, this is down or even half a year has passed, the 200 thousand took the angel investment, in fact you take 500 thousand, or even 1 million, if you encounter such a problem. Is a failure. Now a lot of App entrepreneurs, understanding of the industry and research is not careful enough, so it led to a small pit can trip you up.

take the App development of the things, if industry entrepreneurs to enter the industry, will first do a App App, there are two ways, one is their own talent, the formation of the development team, in so doing, the cost is very high, some people wrote down to nearly 600 thousand 1 million, the quality will be better, compared to his team to take control more stringent. Another is to find the outsourcing company, estimated 10-20 million, but the quality flattered on outsourcing team, after all, is to do business, as long as the fool in the past on the line, the market estimates as we all know, I met a lot of entrepreneurs are looking for outsourcing, most problems more, doing things out and imagine the difference great change, demand and cost more money, so that the ink consumption consumption over the past six months, also die you. Mobile Internet development so fast, what kind of market after a year, what kind of situation, we do not know.

at this time, there will be a problem, he is recruiting team do it or find yourself bidding outsourcing? Team, recruitment is difficult, not competitive, after all, small companies to dig large technology companies, the benefits of a big difference, people can give you to find out what package it, too? No reliable, early to do the late bug a lot, you let anyone help you change, change a bug charge you 20 thousand, you can afford to consume or not? Just like the beginning of the story, and then to properly schedule, after a year on the line, you can not afford to consume, so look for outsourcing is also not reliable.

if you have tens of millions of money, can be our own technology to a high salary, double the price to do the App, for example, Ma wants contacts, every minute to do it, Ding Lei is also easy to believe, will come out, but entrepreneurs and their different places that you have no one money, not much, want to start a business, but also a desire for success, in the face of the App development of this bridge, for many entrepreneurs, it is a dead end.

, I’m going to give you a break.

first: be sure to understand what you want to do App

a lot of entrepreneurs, not clear on what you want to do App want to start hiring, then do the development, so in the process of development, three to five, to the end, completely let technology >

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