The three core force to crack Shanghai dragon, do you really understand the Shanghai dragon

called Shanghai Longfeng, only S, E, O, this simple English abbreviation is meaningless, the art is lightly shallow, the current Shanghai Longfeng definition complex, about uncertainty, the three core of Shanghai Longfeng shallow profile Shanghai dragon today, if you have any questions, please enlighten.

When the

trust has two structures, one is relation, two is the reaction force, the so-called link is the upgrade A and B’s relationship, the reaction force is to promote the cooperation between A and B both sides and influence. But Shanghai dragon in the end is to establish contact, suggest connecting channel force, force the advanced technology or its operations are in the proposed connection, allowing users to successfully connect your site, then connect the business institutions, thereby connecting the commercial profit, the essence of its reaction to the.

2. core loss

has the same painting technique, you got to consummate when, as long as the understatement will quickly complete a picture of jingshizhizuo Shanghai, the industry seems to be on top of this dragon didn’t give any sense, it all seems to through technology, data to analyze your behavior to show your ability and decision this loss, perception of art, of Shanghai dragon really fear, because it’s the core of a no sense to participate in an important action of the people, so the failure is not failure, success or not is not felt by you in the decision.

?The depth of

of Shanghai dragon phenomenon but want to say to drown your perception, even it finally will let you greatly lose interest in the industry, this is probably the reason why the failure of the nature of this phenomenon, so deep, but it is real but downplayed the perception. We are incapable of action.

1. is the industry’s perception of

we all know the importance of trust, the decision surface is greater than the reaction force. What is the meaning of this sentence?

imagine someday you’re successful with a single, very good mood, in order to better tomorrow at all access to this single, customers are sceptical, but still hold a glimmer of hope to cooperate with you, but as time goes on, because the competition is too big, love Shanghai algorithm has disadvantages, for this industry is elusive the passage of time, the algorithm becomes longer, so the business is finally ended in failure, frustration and confidence, not by greatly lose half, and ultimately the two sides lose confidence in the end, this two-way rebound, have great ability to destroy the industry.

in a quiet room, slowly and gently, as long as we earnestly feel would be highly aware of their feelings for one minute, the current market, Shanghai dragon industry defects of sudden death, everyone in fear, regardless of the pace of change of market or industry development speed, when the change of unpredictable elusive have to say, this industry really deep water

core two: connect

: a core force perception

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