How to analyze the needs of industry users and search

so we to the user’s search behavior can do some summary that see our industry user needs what:

our users may also have some special requirements, such as in the search, we can analyze from the search list from the search list we can see what users really love. Because we can say the website ranking in the top 20, are often affected by some users.

first, we say that we are on the Internet all content is around the keywords, whether the keyword is long or short words or words, ask products or is very long in a word, it is a kind of search behavior of users, and when these users in the search, in fact have been exposed a user for some purpose. Recommended article: how to allow users to share your content

spontaneous operation

3, service, additional information, such as a product of some questions, information and so on.


is our analysis on the needs of industry users so we can.

three, according to the above two points, we can classify the users demand:

2, decisive demand. This is to say that is what let the user decide to buy (this is very important for our transformation).

The special needs of users,

3, non deterministic demand, users want to know more about the product or service, and he may want to know this and other information related products or services.

now do Shanghai Longfeng, more to meet the needs of users to see more, but specific to how to meet user needs a lot of people are puzzled, Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog said: we want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, then we must be to my customer needs our industry to do a detailed understanding, and for us to provide customers with what he wants, but to do that, we need the user’s search environment have a certain understanding, in order to know the needs of the users substantial. Today to introduce, this series of analysis we have changed how to do.

1, a substantial demand for products. The user may want to understand a tangible product, and purchase intention.

, the user’s needs.

2, product demand, the user is more likely to get this information, the user may be peer search.

1, the importance of demand. That is to say when we look at the user in the search keywords, he wants to know what the priority, then want to know what. For example: the user preferred tourist wants to know is to go somewhere to play, why do you want to go to that place.

4, the tightness of demand. For example, users in the understanding of a movie, then you may have to download the demand.


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