Love is a hurricane Shanghai station crying tears error algorithm

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many of the main keywords ranking disappear completely, while those of plagiarism, the website ranking is collected in the first second, not to say against the acquisition station? How do I this pure manual editing of content sites took a beating? I sit, on the head of the community at large innocence. Many webmaster have similar experience with me.

the evening of July 7th saw Shanghai love this hurricane algorithm announced, I was secretly glad did station would not collect ideas. But the second day tragedy happened, July 8th view statistics report, startled, how traffic suddenly dropped so much, one day only more than 30 thousand IP. Thinking will be the students have a holiday at that time, the number of inspirational content little, also did not care about. The results of continuous observation of a few days, traffic has been down, but also plummeted, to July 14th has fallen below 20 thousand IP. Look at the key words webmaster tools, from the more than 6000 top 100 words fell to now only more than 300 words.

to my website as an example to talk about my experiences and feelings, that is full of tears.


love in Shanghai said that if the original sites such as the discovery of high quality site index significantly reduced the amount of traffic fell sharply and the phenomenon can be feedback in the feedback center. In July 12th I was asked to fall in love with.

I am an amateur webmaster, but do station also has 6, 7 years. My site "80 inspirational network" is not what station, but from the beginning of 2015 has been the weight of 6, a day before the launch of the hurricane algorithm flow of about 50 thousand IP. I this station from the beginning of 2012 the site has more than 5 years, no acquisition of an article, the total number is more than 20 thousand, each article is carefully hand editorial content, a lot of content or their own pure original articles.



algorithm after the hurricane, a lot of obvious collection rankings not fall, and a lot of hard pure manual editing of updating the contents of a large number of sites has suffered a serious blow, love Shanghai webmaster community Voices of discontent. The howls. I would like to ask Baidu, you make sure that no false

July 2017, Shanghai launched a hurricane love search algorithm, the webmaster circle to raise a Babel of criticism of. This hurricane algorithm, love Shanghai official said: to crack down on the bad for the content of the main sources of the collection site, to provide more high-quality original content to show the opportunity to promote the healthy development of ecological search. Against the acquisition station intention is good, as a duty station do small webmaster, I applaud, but from the July 7th launch of the hurricane algorithm to more than 10 days now to see the effect, I search for love in Shanghai is very disappointed, even doubt love Shanghai the world’s largest Chinese search technical ability.

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