The bounce rate and stay on the web site

website: website bounce rate bounce rate is the user enters the site to leave and enter the site number ratio of the total number, it is an important indicator of a quantity of the user experience.

summary: in fact, a website user experience is composed of a number of indicators, the same is not only the site out of the residence time can judge the rate and web pages, is a very useful article, users will see today and save it, and then when you need to see, then the user repeatedly access is also a good user.

wrote here a lot of people should understand, from the user site bounce rate is very difficult to judge the quality of the user experience. The index will affect user experience there are many, we can not only get an index to judge, but to each other through the combination of different indicators to judge. Like the garbage station, his website bounce rate is very high, but the "residence time is too short, so that the user experience of the website is certainly not high. But some web sites such as the mobile phone is introduced, or software download page, from the love of Shanghai’s official description, is the hope that the site can list the user required data and address on a page, rather than through multiple clicks to find what you want. Generally speaking, a valuable page will let users from reading, rolling and even message interaction behavior, so this website although the bounce rate may also be more high, but the page retention time is long, the user experience is better.

then we say two concepts: the site out rate and time on page

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is a person in the forum asked, love Shanghai said user experience is to allow users to find what they want in the first time, then the site out rate is high or low? If the point is good, the station user experience is not the best? The second sentence is from a blog post that is not to say the excessive pursuit of the original article, but users will not pay for your articles.

: length of stay in the residence time of the user to enter the page after page.


to write this article I saw yesterday is derived from two words:

is second, I wrote the original article may not be good in many articles, but do not know how to express this idea. Yesterday saw this sentence, it is able to express my thoughts. A lot of people in pursuit of the original web site, one day to write hundreds of original articles, in fact, this is not realistic, the number of multi means poor quality. This article is the automatic generator, as well as those with software artifacts out of the original article is no different from the basic nature of what. Many people say that the original article readability. Here I would say, in fact, the readability of the article is not a simple statement is fluent, but users will not read. If you write an article, some actual contents are not, the user at a glance is not interested, no readability.

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