The frequent replacement of theme can not affect website ranking

I think, a lot of friends in the contact site, all love frequent change of the theme of the site, why

in the web page code between.

at this stage, the search engine, especially love Shanghai, for TITLE to give weight, high way, if you change the Title, then you will have to pay a certain price, so, when we change the theme, must not change the Title.


but later, see the online related articles that frequently change the theme of the site to site optimization may cause serious adverse, K station, was shocked, then do not dare to play.

H1, H2, pay attention to the change of H3 and H4

is now looking themes too much, see good, like the previous change that does not look good, then I was so bored, but, the highest record had one day for the 8 theme, it is crazy enough.


mode it is not possible to do every kind of.

so, where is Title

is not very interesting?

now has been basically equal to zero, but the prudent, we still do not change.

Although the role of keywords Here we focus on

, description said, because different authors produced different themes, some themes have description, and some do not, some may be replaced by the author’s own website introduction, also, will automatically intercept the article may label…… ..

Anyway, ?

H1, H2, H3, H4 mark is very important in Shanghai, and so on

is said to change the theme was right down, mainly because of the different structure template code, the output of Title is also different, if you do not pay attention to, Title has been changed, you know the consequences.

of course, if your system is WordPress, if you use Platinum Pack the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon plug-in, then, those problems are actually not a problem, because no matter how you change your site, Title, Keywords and description will not change,

however, with the increase of experience and technology, today, I can say, as long as you do the following points, frequent replacement of the theme is also not what can not.

so, if you are not careful, your description may be changed beyond recognition.

1, Title, Keywords and description

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