Direct broadcast platform into the past followed by the death of the content and entrepreneurial out

the afternoon of August 15th, in March this year just completed B round of financing Betta live to the "daily economic news" reporter to confirm the complete C round of 1 billion 500 million yuan financing. Also in the evening of August 15th, Betta live further to the "daily economic news" said that this round of financing by the Phoenix investment Tencent and lead investor, venture deep, national fund for small and medium enterprises, laterite growth, Shenzhen Jiayuan, fashion capital, Shanghai (Hongmeng) Zhi Cheng, Nanshan capital with investment.

"daily economic news" reporter Jiang Peifang was informed of this news, and the author made some exchange.

I think that, on the surface, they not only become the first round of the C into the network broadcast platform, also set a world record of financing live. But in fact, fish have continued giant blood transfusion, this is actually a prelude to live market gradually appear two or three dominant platform. At present, broadcast platform serious homogeneity, market can only hold a single digit game player, which belongs to one of the two or three integrated platform macropodus. The opportunity outside the integrated platform will belong to create a unique feature of the live platform, unfortunately, there is no emergence.

if more straightforward words, it may be asserted as broadcast platform in the first round of the air has been in the past, next is the platform for large-scale death and merging stage, and the air live content of entrepreneurship.

in the C round of the wind hit, Tencent’s role is quite worth pondering. It is reported that in the B round lead investor, Tencent and Betta in copyright, resources and other aspects of in-depth cooperation; the lead investor that Tencent to Betta continued prospects in the future will also be in more areas and expand the cooperation of multiple Betta, Betta live behind to become the domestic industry leader.


after all, Tencent need a big band by his adopted son as it is in the edge of social Empire stick and expand. If the Tencent do, may as pat, micro-blog as chicken ribs. Because it’s not as close to the game as it is about social networking. Live more than the electricity supplier of Pan entertainment, Tencent’s continuous shot, people will feel the pressure from the Tencent social Empire, and for the user to dig the user’s competitors, Alexander.

at the same time, live platform is also the emergence of new transformation, Betta, teeth and the dragon three platform, go to games, entertainment and professional content in the direction of production, there is no difference between the three platforms in essence, development trend would be similar to the integrated platform.

financing is completed, should be to their own professional training Betta live and create characteristic columns from the direction of the past simple signing anchor mode, this is the only solution to live out of the homogenization of the platform. Earlier online video platform is also so out of the break, the broadcast is only the barbaric growth of the time to shorten it.

at present, just rely on venture capital transfusion, can not really affect the pattern, or to break through the content. Get venture capital is just the beginning of a decisive battle, and >

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