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in the middle stage of website development, small is that it should not make the site only one home entrance, and the need to build three to five or more entrance. And each entrance should be deployed with site theme related keywords, this ranking in a web page at the same time, our other entrance for example column page, also can get good rankings and weight. And this time we need to go to the website to improve the weight by some external force, let spiders crawl, outside chain will play a crucial role. And at this time there is no need to send home too much the chain, because the effect would not have so much influence early.

first from the site early, we are pursuing the home page ranking, so the main chain through the all on our website home page, let the first gain weight, get good rankings as soon as possible in the search engine, the only way to let the spider crawl into our website content page. Small judgment is such a website, from no weight to weight in the process, to the keywords ranking in the home page and so on. But usually when a website the search engine will not consider your user experience, and when you truly have a website ranking weight flow, the search engine will reduce the weight of the chain, mainly to see your user experience, so at this time we do not need to send home outside the chain, but to pay attention to the chain page publishing and user experience.

we all know that the chain is of great help to enhance the website ranking weight, although the chain effect is much better than in the past, but we can not ignore the importance of is still, take the green algorithm to love Shanghai, but it is still able to explain the chain for the website ranking plays an important role, just said the quality of the chain and the chain of garbage from the two. And in fact in the development of our website at the same time, the chain is also with the website development stage has a close relationship, so the site outside the chain to do this topic, also has a very profound strategy, not simply to send the chain, do the high quality the chain, the chain extension so simple.

on the site later, our website home page and column page keyword rankings are relatively stable points, this time we will want to put the website content pages do some long tail keywords, also let the content page become our website traffic entrance. But this time our long tail keywords layout except that through some internal optimization to assist, external assistance is crucial. So we should choose some chain for these long tail keywords page, further aided. The three step is to correct the chain release strategy, of course this is only small foreign chain released some of their own ideas, do not represent every webmaster’s view, but small in fact also through their websites such as www.name2012贵族宝贝 effect is very significant, but compared to alone only for the better website released a lot.

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