The 404 page analysis of website right down

A5 seen in many posts mentioned, check the website dead links, has not thought of the website after the previous link all of the existing page, this is the coagulation of their own negligence, but also a lesson to write to it, but also as one of an experience.

I say website, how to quickly restore weight, updated daily articles + the chain resources adequate and stable, in fact, coagulation self feeling, better than the blog forum, at least will be much better in terms of stability. I registered a member in the school on behalf of the Internet recently, in the beginning stages, can bring signature links, but now the website program revision, take the signature, which is directly blocked the chain resources, these factors we need to be taken into account, the chain is widely used the forum, but do the fine strong chain can consider the blog, at least in the blog, there will be some of you delete the module. One aspect of stability also appears to influence weight in Shanghai, in the process of exchange Links many of our friends, I finally say, "don’t put off the link Oh", is actually very tired from the link >


yesterday showed signs of a small blog drop right, domain is not the first, in third, ranking directly from the third page directly to the sixth page. To see how the site is down right, this article introduces the method of viewing a website right down, there are some worth learning.

but I know that my blog is not the problem, today and find a bit of information, and then look at the love Shanghai spider crawling log, and then found a lot of 404 pages, suddenly understood what is why the 404 page is one of the factors on the se is not very friendly, his own blog in 11.10 before Taobao is the guest website, love Shanghai have included many pages, and then came to my website crawling found this page does not exist again, this is not crawling through the website link, but by crawling in the database storage data, the data of Shanghai will love again crawling past, observation has not been updated, and the return code is not the same; this is why I found, try not to exist, 404 pages, or 301, to two. What is the direct robots control is no longer access, about robots.txt written, please refer to a sense of noble quality baby guide -robots how to write, this is why we want to prevent dead link on your site, there are a lot of cases is the cause of the site right down.

is also found in the observation of Web log, or a spider to visit, to understand the web log writing, this article detailed website administrator: learn to analyze the web log, 404 page as far as possible all the shield, let the spider can’t visit this page, but do 404 page is the user experience of a very high one the 404 page of their promotion, optimization, improve PV.

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