The optimization of network marketing is everywhere

forum to promote from the perspective of the blog promotion From the marketing point of micro-blog

there is no doubt that whether the maintenance of personal independence blog or the third party blog, all cannot do without the update, soft writing. In weight, third party and independent blog blog can not be mentioned in the same breath, but in optimization, need high quality readability, and timing to the update, increase the keyword in the interior, and related to the promotion of the article reproduced, it is soft, the show is more direct marketing way.

before the gourd blogger wrote an article "optimization of the ebook promotion details of the work to improve the efficiency of the extension", can be said that this article relates to the ebook promotion details, from the title, text, keywords are precisely reflect the soft implanted spirit. It needs to attract click, help users find the location, for the user to solve practical problems is the same thing. The love of the truth is the same experience of Shanghai.

is a miniature version of the micro-blog blog, blog from variant perspective, broadcast content can do to attract people’s attention, but also imperceptibly into the promotion of information, is the core to grasp micro-blog broadcasting. This is the same and marketing, for marketers, write to the topic, the expression of content is very important, especially to the advertising information implanted Bowen and do not produce stiff feeling, short of micro-blog’s more demanding. Users see micro-blog do not love a lengthy text, marketers will be streamlined and convey the most complete information in the short text.

From the point of view of the ebook promotion

blogger has always been that as long as it is related to the work of Shanghai dragon, soft is all need to be familiar with, although the division of internal groups is obvious, but the soft has penetrated into various positions, whether it is Shanghai dragon >

From the angle of the

whether the forum or soft, promotion can be carried out on the basis of attract attention, many forums have original article platform, good article in the forum the click rate is also very impressive. In many of the submission site, good article reproduced to the forum, is to increase and improve the chain articles, visibility of the effective way. The forum event planning, writing, to the participants in the soft skills required, so I want to become a forum Master soft, can not be ignored.

in the industry have friends will soft Wen as a means of promotion of "nuclear weapons", or promotion of a pearl in the palm, soft Wen is widely popular, partly because it not only brings the high quality of the chain, or to promote the integration of information and expertise, on the other hand is soft with us because of network marketing there are aspects of the intersection. Whether the blog promotion, or forum, ebook, micro-blog marketing, love Shanghai experience, to a certain extent can be regarded as a variant of marketing, can capture the marketing concept get soft.

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