Video chain construction method – how to do video chain

2, download video, and then go up, in the video introduction inside with our link, a video is done outside the chain.

chain for a lot of people, I think everyone is send links in a number of forums, but also easy to more stringent management forum titles, so although the forum to do outside the chain most easily, but also has a risk, it is recommended that you do outside the chain of resources must be wide, not limited in the forum inside. Moreover, the chain effect of the forum and also better than we imagined so good. Try some other outside chain you will find that in fact the chain often is very easy to do.


3, correlation video outside the chain, the chain correlation of video than just downloaded video. If you are doing a music website, upload music video, video, the weight will increase the number of.

below is a specific video chain adding method and the matters needing attention:

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today we look at the construction process of the video of the chain, in fact, the video chain construction is very simple:

5, outside the chain? I think the video chain is belonging to the hand chain, so the speed is not fast, a day to do more, the number will not be great, so do some video outside the chain is also fine, but the premise is the best contrast and site updates, such as updating never if the website content, so a large number of the chain is likely to cause distrust of love in Shanghai. So the fast update, the chain can also do a lot of.

1, in the video site to establish their own account (Youku, potatoes, cool six large video station)

6, recommend Youku do outside the chain, the pass rate is very high, in addition to being part of copyright complaints are basically through the. As for the video source of my personal videos are downloaded from Thunder KanKan, usually point to open the video itself slowly download. And then find a software to format conversion, you can upload it, very convenient.

How much do the right

, 4 video resources: (1) if it is a large manufacturing chain, it is recommended to choose a small video 3 minutes, upload and download fast. (2) the correlation of video, such as movie website, upload video, at the same time with their links, it can also increase your exposure rate to attract some users. The effect of weight will be better soon.

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