To optimize the site title note title

optimization often encounter some new Shanghai dragon does not understand the meaning of this sentence, the interpretation of the four but three, three more than four, two but five "refers to the appearance of not more than three times the 4 Chinese characters keywords in the title, the 3 words are Chinese characters not more than four times in the title 2, the key words in the title Chinese characters do not appear more than five times. If more than words, there may be a search engine that is keyword stuffing, which leads to keywords ranking drop or the website is down right.

Keywords Note: the general

optimization note: when writing the title, note.

Note: Note: the number of Shanghai dragon

Optimization Website Title Title Control in 30 Chinese characters, or 60 characters. If Chinese characters and character more than words, search results will show the love of Shanghai is not complete, which is on the search engine is not friendly. Note that the title title weight distribution is decreasing from left to right the.


introduces below 6 "writing and the optimization of Site Title Note:

1, title site title is simple, do not stack keywords.

2, the target site title titleNote: if your website

Optimization Website Title Title don’t repeat, the station outside the station are the same, because the search engines crawl the page is the first look at the title, and then look at the content, the title is mainly based on the search engine to determine whether the original content of the website. If the station or station outside the site title page will be repeated, it may be included in a small chance.

5, title four site title but three, but three four two, but five "

for website optimization in terms of staff is different, generally speaking is composed of the target keywords website.

optimization target keywords have been chosen and suggestion is that the site title keywords wrote title, this keyword ranking is very friendly. Key words more difficult, in the front. For example I have chosen is the target keywords "site optimization", the title should write "website optimization Website – enterprise".

6, title site title and website content related to

"site title title" in general terms is the name of the site

4, title site title words control

3, Title Site Title don’t repeat


optimization personnel in the work, in order to improve the relevance and density, are used on the site title, page title or website content keyword, such a phenomenon is very good, do you want to know the love of Shanghai in the latest update, the search engine is more and more pay attention to the user experience.

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