The website CSS Chinese font links caused 404 pages


small in further analysis, site testing found no death, should not be the site of the problem. To view the web site root directory does not exist Chinese link form, Xiao Bian think to should be in CSS, called Chinese link. This small check CSS, finally found the link.

This article from the Zhengzhou


therefore, Xiao Bian here to remind, encounter problems don’t panic, many problems from the perspective of the source to find the problem, then solve the problem, here to remind the website of Shanghai dragon, or in the CSS website, do not use Chinese form links to 404 page.

where do they know if Shanghai Longfeng site there have been 404 page, will cause a lot of impact on the website. The first is the user to open the site found that the page does not exist, the experience is not good for the website optimization, if too much light to cause death, trust in the website in search engine is reduced, while in K station. Here, Xiaobian lead to Chinese link caused by the 404 code.

small after the discovery of this situation, the source did not give up, but step by step to find the reasons. Small download after the web log, I through the commonly used log analysis software, there are 404 code page view to the site. After the discovery of small working on 404 page, click on the display 404, before the discovery of a common link I do not form in order to let everyone see, specially in here.

贵族宝贝 cloud technology, please keep the author link, thank you.


will appear this kind of circumstance, small query about this link is what the final.Tff file? Shanghai through love that the original font, further analysis is fonts. Xiao Bian here finally understand 404 reasons, the original small somewhere Chinese using the form of links, the links that lead to grab.

small website recently appeared a strange phenomenon, through the webmaster tools chain analysis tools of website links. But there is no detectable chain, open the web log files found a lot of code 404. Xiao Bian is very strange, why not detected by tool chain, the chain appears instead of the log file.


found, described by the program, and then proceed with, first is to form Chinese links in CSS replaced by letters, and then add the font file in the root directory of the site. Things settled in the next Xiaobian to observe whether there is such a situation, to solve this problem.

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