The real case let you website 5 days out of the noble baby sandbox

wrote this article, until now still a little fuzzy concept; it is right down and sandbox! Many friends will say to distinguish sandbox and right down, the sandbox is mainly aimed at the new station, not punishment; and the lower right is a real punishment action. Access to relevant information and asked some professionals, not only the original sandbox for new sites, it is repeated, that is to say you have a period of time, there are also entered into the sandbox in may. As mentioned above, the sandbox and right down performance are basically the same: a collection of normal, without ranking drop right actually still have ranking, as long as you have the patience to double back may find your connection. If your site is down right, then all your keywords will no exception is thrown to the winds "". One of the most important factors which is the distinction between the sandbox and right down. If some of the key competitiveness of your site can row in front, and most of the other not to query, so basically can confirm to enter the sandbox (coupled with the new words, the nine in ten fell into the sandbox).


4: to ensure the stability of the server, stable data update.


5: to ensure the daily about 6 articles of the original article.

2: stop Chinese blog spam post, the increase in the number of foreign language blog, each blog daily published an article.

4: data updating

more than four points, which are fatal, large amounts of data (daily update about 200 thousand data update) these are our website’s unique advantages, but also has been relatively stable, so that the probability is relatively small. The first three movements have refused the. On the three, I made the following actions.

through the above judgment my website is sure to enter the sandbox, leading the push to tight, I also very anxious. But the more this time the more I need to calm down. Before the fast record into the sandbox action.

1: the chain began to cancel the purchase, of course, is slowly withdrawn (note to buy the chain of friends, buy the chain is a chronic poison, when you want to remove the chain, you will find it very painful, so the construction of the chain still insist on based on the control and based on high quality

1: the purchase of the chain of

2: unstable code, frequent meta and title information

3: garbage post release

3: changes in a wide range of code page.


if you are not sure this time, you can use some old-fashioned way to use the site command to query, the home is in the first place, or the main keywords are in the front row (site:www.***贵族宝贝) this method is not particularly accurate but also help determine whether it is auxiliary or right down to the sandbox.

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