The site was attacked. How to do 3 kinds of attack website solutions

you should have encountered similar problems in the station project, although we who do their own station, but suddenly one day will find our website suddenly being black, this time as long as we open our website to show in front of us the picture often makes us collapse at at this time, you heart is certainly hate teeth itch, but there is no way we don’t offend others, others do not necessarily provoke us, although the heart is very uncomfortable, but also need to solve the problem.

if you want to launch ARP spoofing attacks, the first step is to control right and the site for the same room, with a IP section, a VLAN server, the other server intrusion mode. Get the control program of the machine being controlled by camouflage to deceive the target server for the gateway. This attack is generally in a web page or intercept some code into the user name and password. Against this type of attack is relatively easy, directly notify the corresponding control room can be machine.

for the CC attack, the general anti CC attack software renting space, VPS or server can, or leased Octopus host, the machine of CC attack defense is better.

attack is generally divided into 3 categories, respectively, ARP spoofing attack, CC attack, DDOS attack traffic.

two, CC


with the development of the Internet, more and more people begin to realize the superiority of network propaganda. Large and small sites emerge in an endless stream. However, with the increase of the number of sites, the problem also greatly increased. The competition between the peers, also reflected in the network. Some criminals have gradually moved to the benefit of network. Between peers tend to hire hackers to suppress opponents to attack the other sites, and even some people deliberately attack others for site protection fees. Do not give money to attack you, let your web site. For this kind of thing, the main site is often helpless and anxious, no compromise.

three, traffic attack

relatively, this attack some great harm. The host space has a parameter IIS number of connections, when access site exceeds the number of IIS connections, the site will be Service Unavailable. The attacker is the use of the machine being controlled to attack the site to send access request, forcing the number of IIS connections beyond the limit, when the CPU bandwidth resource or resource depletion, then the site will be down to attack. To achieve fast attack, firewall is quite difficult, sometimes even causing the depletion of resources caused by the CPU firewall firewall. Achieve hundred above, operators are usually in the routing the attacked IP.

is the DDOS attacks, this attack is the biggest harm. The principle is to the target server to send a large number of data packets. "

, a first ARP attack

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