To do a good job of Shanghai dragon is the kingly way to

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later came into contact with a new word "search engine optimization", then I feel very fresh, very powerful, should be the ranking of a website to love Shanghai top, so that their own websites have views, at this moment, the heart knot also opened. Finally know why your site no one visit, no reply. The original is because their website content is again good, others can not find you, so there is no one, this time and before different before, "sell themselves", and in the marketing oriented era, we cannot do without the network marketing, we need to website promotion out of its own way, there will be traffic, will have a reply. From then on, I began to add some Shanghai dragon group, began to bubble forum, what A5, the laggards, station, I have a bubble. Also heard some open classes in YY, listening to the veterans for search engine optimization to explain, I began to slowly by the layman to become ill, as time goes by, I know more and more, their website was also brought their own experiments, of course, the effect is very good, a computer technology forum at the time do the daily pageviews are high, included also is very good, then I began to rejoice, in fact, Shanghai dragon did not like his earlier thought so profound, so difficult, in fact, afraid can’t hold on.

Hello, I am taking place sixty Du administrator snow leopard, access to the Internet has been for several years, from last year to contact Shanghai dragon now has almost a year’s time, remember that time, just to build a website, and then a day to write their own things. At the time of his Shanghai dragon is what really at that time, to see people utterly ignorant of, write blogs have people, people go to browse, reply, and his blog is only one person in writing, watching, no reply, was once depressed.

in the process of learning the Shanghai dragon, a lot of people are talking about a topic that is Shanghai dragon how to do what, then there will be a lot of the master, "answered the chain is king, the chain for emperor", I believe this sentence, every webmaster friends have heard hundreds of times, even thousands of times, even not polite to say, there may be some webmaster friends at night dreamt about these eight words. To tell the truth, I really believe in these words before, but now with the increase in the number of own website, of course, for the Shanghai dragon industry also has a new understanding, I think, inside and outside the chain chain of Shanghai dragon is not understood well enough, Shanghai dragon is in need of more we insist, in fact it is no more than a few Shanghai dragon, but really can persist is the real success, the site is actually a living, many webmaster to site as a dead thing, after doing a good job, then do within the chain, for a period of time, the ranking came up on the matter. In fact, this is the Shanghai dragon taboo, Shanghai dragon we need to take care of each site, and not a separate ranking for a time when you’re done. "

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